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5 Ways Cat Sitting Services Care for Your Senior Cat

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Senior cats hold a special place in our hearts, having shared countless moments of joy and companionship throughout the years. As they age, these feline friends become more sensitive, and leaving them alone at home can be a source of concern for pet parents.
Fortunately, this is when cat sitting services can step in for pet owners. These caring professionals give aging companions the attention and care they deserve when they are away from their parents. Here’s how they do it:

Why Senior Cats Can’t Be Left Alone?

Before we talk about how sitters take care of them, we will discuss why you shouldn’t leave them alone so that you don’t risk taking this option.

1. Physical Health Issues

Would you leave a sick family member at home alone? Then why would you do that to your feline child? Older cats develop many health issues, like cancer, arthritis (also known as Degenerative Joint Disease or DJD), thyroid, kidney, and liver diseases. In a situation where you are leaving home, you should call in a cat sitting service to take care of them.

2. Mental Health Deteriorating

Dementia and loss of mental sharpness harm millions of American adults each year. Many people don’t realize that cats can experience comparable decreases as they age. In fact, data reveals that many cats suffer from cognitive decline syndrome, a disorder marked by the lack of normal mentation. A staggering 28% of cats aged 11 to 14 years show evidence of cognitive deterioration, with the proportion exceeding 50% in cats aged 15 years or older.

3. Mobility Issues

Aging cats may also face mobility issues, making it difficult for them to reach their litter box or access their favorite resting spots. That causes them to dehydrate and lose their appetite as they can’t stay hydrated or eat independently. Moreover, the risk of accidents or emergencies increases with age, and a cat left unattended may not receive timely intervention in case of a health issue.

How Cat Sitting Services Care for Your Senior Cat

Cat sitting services don’t just feed and change the litter box. They fully monitor and pamper your feline pal to ensure your aging feline friend receives the care and attention they need:

1. Personalized Care Plans

Before you leave, a professional cat sitting services will work with you to create a personalized care plan that takes into account your cat’s health status, medication schedule, dietary requirements, and daily routines. This ensures that your senior cat’s specific needs are met with precision.

2. Monitoring Health and Well-being

Experienced cat sitting services are trained to observe subtle changes in a cat’s behavior or physical condition. If you communicate your cat’s usual signs of distress, they can identify them early on, apply your suggested coping technique, and take them to veterinary care if needed. These signs could be changes in appetite, litter box habits, mobility, or anything unusual.

3. Medication Administration

Many senior cats require regular medication for chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid issues. So, if your feline pal is on medicines, too, you can ask cat sitting services to administer them at a specific time. These professional sitters are skilled in this delicate task. They ensure that medications are given at the right time and in the correct dosage, maintaining your cat’s health and managing any underlying medical conditions.

4. Companionship and Mental Stimulation

Senior cats, like humans, love socializing and want someone to play and cuddle with them. To give them company, cat sitting services engage in play and interactive sessions or spend quality time with their cats to alleviate feelings of loneliness and keep them mentally stimulated. This is especially important for senior cats with chronic conditions or FCD (focal cortical dysplasia).

5. Emergency Preparedness

Accidents and health emergencies can happen at any time, and aged cats are at more risk. But don’t ruin your date or meeting worrying, as cat sitting services are well-prepared to tackle such situations. They are trained to act swiftly to seek medical attention if necessary. This rapid response can be critical in ensuring your senior cat receives timely care in the event of an unforeseen health issue.

Summing Up

Cat sitting services are trusted companions for your senior cat in your absence. They understand and fulfill aging feline cats’ needs and reassure you during your other commitments. So, you can travel or be away with the confidence that your senior cats are receiving the best possible care.
Give your senior cat the comfort and care they need. Contact Unique Pet Care today and enjoy worry-free travels, knowing your beloved feline friend is in capable and caring hands.

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