Cat Sitting Services

Cat Sitting Services vs. Boarding: Which is More Comfortable for Your Feline Pal

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Cat Sitting Services

When you’re getting ready for a weekend away and see your cat looking at you, you wonder where they should stay while you’re gone. Many pet owners face this problem. It’s a common dilemma among pet owners looking for the ideal place for their companions.

With so many options, such as cat sitting services and boarding facilities available, you want to choose the best one for your pal. To help you make the decision, we have compared these two aspects.

Cat Sitting Services – Comfort at Home

Owners do not have to send their feline friends to a boarding facility for cat sitting services. Instead, an experienced pet sitter will come to the owner’s house to care for their cat while they are away. This gives your cat the individualized attention and care he or she requires without disrupting their routine.


1.       Comfort at Home

Cats love the familiar home environment and are easily stressed in new environments. So, getting them a new buddy at home reduces stress caused by a new place or surroundings.

2.       Personalized Care

Sitters offer one-on-one attention and understand your cat’s habits and preferences. They’ll stick to your cat’s routine, ensuring meals, playtime, and cuddles happen just as your cat likes.

3.       Minimal Disruption

With cat sitting services, your cat avoids the anxiety and discomfort associated with car rides or being in a new environment

4.       Home Security

The presence of someone coming and going keeps the intruders or burglars at bay. It gives the appearance that your house is occupied.

5.       House Care

Besides caring for your cat, many cat sitting services offer additional home-care services. This can include bringing in mail, watering plants, adjusting lights, etc.

6.       Flexible Services

The best part about them is that they can tailor the care for your feline buddy. You can ask them to administer medication, follow a particular feeding routine, or provide extra playtime.


1.       Limited Social Interaction

Your cat may have less social interaction compared to a boarding facility. But if you have an introverted pal, care at home is a better option.

2.       Sitter Experience

The quality of care might vary based on the experience and knowledge of the sitter. Don’t risk hiring a newbie with no license or certification.

3.       Emergency Handling

In rare cases, the sitter might not be immediately available. However, reliable cat sitting services have multiple sitters on board to send to your place.

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding entails transporting your cat to a facility or resort where specialized professionals will care for your cat alongside other feline borders. The facilities have a litter box, water, a food bowl, a small hideout area, and separate bedding. They are cleaned at least once a day and, of course, fed and watered.


1.       Professional Care

Boarding facilities often have trained staff who can provide care and attention to cats. They usually have a structured routine for feeding, playtime, and social interaction.

2.       Supervised Environment

Boarding facilities can offer a supervised and controlled environment, ensuring cats’ safety and security throughout their stay.

3.       Social Interaction

Some cats enjoy the company of other felines, which is perfect for cats who love interacting. So your cat can socialize and play with other cats.


1.       Stressful Environment

Boarding facilities can be stressful for cats due to unfamiliar surroundings, new smells, and the presence of other animals. This environment might cause anxiety or distress, especially for more sensitive or shy cats.

2.       Reduced Personalized Attention

While staff at boarding facilities do their best, they often have multiple animals to care for, making it challenging to provide the same level of personalized attention that a dedicated cat sitting services can offer.

3.       Health Risks

Cats in boarding facilities are potentially exposed to contagious illnesses from other animals. Despite vaccinations and preventive measures, the risk of contracting infections like respiratory diseases or parasites is higher.

4.       Limited Freedom

Cats might have restricted space or limited freedom of movement in a boarding facility, especially if there’s a lack of individualized areas for each cat sitting services to roam and play freely.

5.       Adjustment Period

Some cats may take longer to adapt to a new environment, leading to decreased appetite or behavior changes during their stay at a boarding facility.

The Bottom Line

After all of this, the answer is evident. What better way than to hire a professional pet sitter to care for your furry friend at your home or theirs? Pet-sitting professionals are pet lovers who treat your pet as if it were theirs.  So, it’s best to arrange a cat sitting services to provide cat daycare in your home where your kitty is happy, comfortable, and safe.

Looking for professional cat sitting services near me? Get in touch with us. Our team is excited to play with your furry pal.

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