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“I wanted to thank you for your additional effort in clearing a path through the snow for the mailman, and for propping up the sagging patio roof that might have otherwise collapsed from the weight of the snow. Those were clearly outside the scope of petsitting. I always feel better, when I need to be away from home, knowing that Dickens is receiving quality care and attention”.

Jim Scheff

“My boys, Odie and Max wanted me to thank you for taking such good care of them while I was gone on vacation!! They said you played with them and let them cuddle! I am very pleased with your services! Thank you for the daily log and the extra effort and care given to my boys. When my plane was delayed due to weather on my return flight, I worried that the dogs would be alone since early morning. When I returned home I was pleased to find out you had checked on the dogs in the early evening! Thanks for the wonderful job and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others!”

Amy Olmsted
Denver, CO

“Thanks so much for the care you took if Bandit and Tasha. You did a great job … both seemed to be relaxed and content when we arrived and that I think tells me they felt cared for”.

Karen William

“Thanks so much for taking such great care of the “kids” last weekend. Now they’re spoiled … especially Tighy – she thinks she should get a 20 minute tummy rub every time we come in the house! Anyway, thanks again and we’ll give you a call again”.

Val, Kevin, Bo and Tighy